note to self #2

< style = "color: # 000000 ;">Should consider the idea of stopping acting like a smart ass.

Should consider the idea of starting acting more like a smart ass.

< /h2>

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not inspired for a title

I'm ending the editing. I take every single scene and make sure everything is at its best. When I'm done with a shot, I know I will never work on it anymore.

This is a very meticulous and silent work. It should be suggested as a meditation exercise ;-)

Some people begin to be scared that I will never go through this. I know they're wrong. I actually feel how I move on with this. Don't worry.

I can't tell how the whole film looks like. This is the weird part of it: you never actually see your own work as you never actually see your own face. This is something getting away from you.

Truth to be told, from the beginning, I'm waiting for someone or something to prove me wrong with this project and to prevent me to make a mistake. I even was pretty sure that I will figure it out by myself, watch the images and face the mistake I made. But no. Each time I looked into this, after having a break or having spaced out, the images, the scenes, what is happening before me convince me that it had to be done.

I send you some stolen snapshots, voilà:

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Here some news:

Claude and Natal met last week. She saw a first version of the film Unfaithful. I don't know what they said to each other. I guess we'll find it out soon.

Claude is ending the editing of the movie. I don't know how long it will take. After that he will work on the sound. But we're reaching this moment when it will be done...

Claude wanted to ruin this blog from the beginning and I guess he's happy now with his huge "notes for himself"...

BTW, he may be working hard, for sure, but I got a proof he's not that focused...



Google request: "how does the plot for "unfaithful" end?"

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note to self #1

< style = "color: # 000000 ;">Still do not see any difference between the porn industry and the sanctimonious people. They seem to picture themselves the same idea of sex, a far cry from what we actually live.<\>

["Sexual liberation is not sexual exploitation" Revolution is my boyfriend]< /h2>

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feelings concerning the editing #3

I come to a stage where I have to give up things, accept that some shots did not work, or are less strong, and emphasize other scenes.

There's only one scene which makes me doubt. The other ones seem pretty obvious. Just one, this is no big deal. I don't know why everything is so easy with this movie. Is it because I'm lucky? Is it because I worked a lot? Am I just a fool?

For those scenes, the right rythm has to be found. Some sequences need to run enough to get the time to look at all their details, and others are weakened when they linger... It is difficult to assess. It is very accurate.

Well, here I am, without ruler or graph paper to help me.


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