Porn scenes in mainstream movies

Today, I sent a Myspace bulletin to all the movie-goers:

"For my research, I need to watch a maximum of mainstream films in which directors have shot... how to say?: Sex.

So I have seen Intimacy, the Breillat's movies, fuck me, 9 songs, Destricted, I have not seen the brown bunny because I remember it pretty well, I also have Pola X in mind, and some others ...

If you have any suggestions, movies to advise, please ...

Thank you

ps: I add a photo of a beautiful film to brighten my bulletin. "

Here are the answers I got:

  • "Most of the movies featuring Béatrice Dalle; the Larry Clarks, Going Places (les valseuses); Sitcom by Ozon (If I remember well...); Color of Night with Bruce Willis, there's a quiet porn version; the Morrisseys (Warhol), there's also something I remember when I was a teenager Rai about the suburbs with Tabatha Cash; iku a japanese movie; Miike (Visitor Q), the Bruce LaBruces mmmmmhHere is a few... I will try to go on...
    this is a subject I'm interested in beautiful Claude Pérèss to whom I have never spoken maxime "
  • "Caligula, Ken Park, Niht Porter... Enjoy your research; there's more..."
  • "Boogie Nights ?"
  • "You have to see "Shortbus" by John Cameron Mitchell; its prior title was "The Sex Film Project", so... I was tolds there's sex in "Lie With Me", but I didn't see it yet. I like this young actor Eric Balfour.

  • thank your for your message. Interesting subject.


  • "Damage (fatale) by Louis Malle, yes I know, it sucks..."
  • "- ken park by larry clark
    - irréversible (but this is rather a rape...)"
  • "What do you mean by sex scenes? seeing a cock or a pussy?
  • I'm thinking about Life of Jesus by Bruno Dumont.
  • Dammit, as a result I watched your movies and I wanna say they are fucking good
  • so bravo then
    because really!
  • "I suggest you to watch In the realm of the senses; Last Tango in Paris; Boogie Nights; eyes wide shut; shortbus; basic instinct; My man.
  • Tell me if it helps
    Have a nice weekend
  • "You have to see BACKSTAGE, a short by Camille Vidal Naquet. Gaspard."
  • ""shortbus, ken park, time to leave, all the pasolinis... enjoy ;) "
  • "ozon with the stricker dildo for stephane rideau, pierre erwann guillaume and aurelien decoing in Natural ennemy, Devil in the flesh by bellochio, nine songs by michael W....
    what a shame you don't do the opposite, mainstream in porn movies...


I would add : Andy Warhol's shorts, "Blow Job" for instance, really clever ; some Richard Kern's movies, full of energy ; some Johnny Terris'...

I retain : 9 songs because of the lights and the acting, Intimacy because of the picture... and in an other kind : The Embryo Hunts In Secret by Koji Wakamatsu because it happens behind closed doors ; and Mystery Train because of the shooting script of the first part in the room.

What about you? Did you see some of them? Others?