Portrait : Claude Pérès

Claude Pérès refuses to give any biographic information, thinking what ought to be known is in his work.

To the question:"What do you do for a living?" He would answer: "Those bio notes always look like item specifics, so... well I don't vacuum, I don't light up, there is no button to press and I'm not for sale."

He directed several short movies and wrote several books. He's conducting a disconcerting philosophic research.

He wrote, photographed, directed, edited and produced "Unfaithful".

caractère (sale et propre) (in french)


Sharon Tate said...

disconcerting but epiphanic!

Friend for ever Sharon Tate ;-) said...

and so, anyway, every single pure individuality can't be reduced to a biography. And Claude Pérès'one, as a personal epiphany, is beyond my imagination and my understanding. That's the reason why I'll always be moved by him!

Ray Avito said...

"I write stuff, I film stuff." *chuckles* I love that quote!