About delicacy

I meet an expert in photography in cinema.

I talk about the project. His eyes are wide. I smile. His whole body seems to say: "yes, indeed, there is something to search out there".

I have nothing to offer. I do not see how someone could come on the film set and disturb our privacy. It would be another project, another film. Besides, I think I should do the photography. The image has to sweat my whatsoever sensitivity. This is something I can't bypass.

But... we talk.

We talk about movies. We have the same things in mind. This scene, this angle, this directing of actors, this bias in this movie...

Then, we happen to talk about the distance of the camera. How to shoot something so delicate? Which point of view has to be chosen?

I tell him that I watched porn movies lately. What bothers me most is this idea to shoot close-up, to show sex. I do not like it either when the actors cry in a movie. I do not want the viewer to be a voyeur, to stand between the actors. There is a reserve to find there. It is important to me.

We will not do things for the camera. We do not even know what will happen anyway.

He understands. He gets thrilled. He raises plenty of issues.

We speak about shot reverse shot. I do not know why. I tell him this reflex to shoot the face of the other one to get his reaction is odd. It seems to go without saying in the grammar of cinema, but... Here, the camera will not be between the actors, ready to catch any of their reactions. I do not want the camera to interfere. A time-lag in the reverse shot, a delay to what is expected... It's a film about desire, there are inevitably questions about what we expect to see. You can use the cut, the rhythm, to insert wait times, surprises, desire precisely. It can be easily done... I want to match the scenes in the movement to use the fluidity in order to delay the expectation ...

Here I do not succeed to explain... I can not find the words to make that clear. I feel it, I'll try it, he will see. That's all I can say.

We laughed.

We discuss a little bit more.

He insisted: "You must find the right distance from the camera.

I smile. I repeat a few times the words reserve and delicacy. I add that reserve should not prevent us from going into this...