The Plan

Here is the really detailed plan of the film. It covers my wall. Everything is noted here. Everything but what's going to happen, which is not predicted, i.e the film :-)


choosing an actor

I met Natal. I updated her on the project. And then at one point she said: "How you gonna do to choose the actor? Want to hold a casting session?"

I widely open my eyes. No, actually, I think I frown. No, no, definitely not. No, I do not want that kind of relationship with the actors, choosing them from a catalog... it's childish, isn't it? I laughed.

No, I will not define the criteria and choose the one that comes closest to my idea. I do not use someone to make my movie look good. Oups. I want to be overwhelmed by the film, so...

It interests me a lot to question the relationship with the actor, to let him be free and autonomous, let him surprise me. There is something to dig out there. I guess it is very political. I laughed even more.

Natal said nothing. She listened. She smiled. She drunk her coffee slowly enough. I do not know if she likes coffee or if she chose it because she likes even less the other drinks.

I shall not dwell on the political issue. This is important, but not a sufficient reason to make a film, it can't be more than a means, you won't probably see it in the film anyway.

I went on. The most important thing is to create the conditions for something to happen, not to create something from nothing by asking someone to do things he would never do for real.

If the film stumbles, if it fails, it is not bad.

So I'll meet some people, see if we hit it off.

Natal ended by saying: "But you will have to choose though, won't you? "

Yes. We smiled.

First, I won't choose someone I like. I don't make a film to put someone in my bed. I hesitate to say that I do not need to make a film for this, but I keep this idea for me. If I do not like him, it can even reassure me. But I won't think about it anyway.

Then I won't know what the actor is ready to do or not, not to select on this criterion either. If he's up for everything or refuses everything, that's not of my busyness, I will find it out during the shooting. I conceived the script to let the actor as free as possible.

Natal listened carefully. When she focuses, she looks tough.

I think I would prefer someone who is comfortable with his body and his sexuality. Because I do not want to force an actor or trap him or put him in a situation he couldn't handle. And also because I do not want to raise moral issues that necessarily arise with someone who has not resolved a number of things. There are questions that were asked more than... I count: 40 years, we must move on to other things now. See if we can get onto sex in a more serene way perhaps. Or not. It will be interesting to see that we can't too. I do not know.

And then I'd prefer someone who isn't focus on sex and who doesn't make people focus on it either. Sex is a means, this is not the purpose of the film, we must think of something else quite quickly.

Natal smiled. She looked sweeter. I guess she nodded. She looked rather convinced. Perhaps she wondered what will outcome of it. I suppose that doubts cross her mind some times. But she carefully pick up in her questions, the ones which could be helpful to the film.




A treasure-trove

Somewhere in Paris, there's a secret room where are stored most of the collections of Sébastien Meunier. I was lucky to be one of the few people authorized to go in.

For many hours, Sébastien, with his playful mood, took clothes out of boxes, twirled around, finding a coat here, a pair of pants there and his memories coming back with it.

And for many hours, before all this so clever, so bright, discoveries I tirelessly repeated : "I love it, I love it..." really thankful for his trusting me.