the kiss scene

I edited the so-called "kiss scene", ie the first attempt. It is one of my favorite scene. It turned out to be more unsettling as I thought. I had a lot of pleasure to edit it.

Here some pictures of it:

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feelings concerning the editing #2

I'm almost done with the editing of this scene I'm working on for a while.

At first, it was a transition scene. The actors needed to be introduced. And it turned out to be an actual scene.

I offer to the viewer to remain in the dark for a few minutes, careful to every single glow, to every single noise, to the voices. It could end up in a very intimate experience.

This proposition matters to me. It is one of the reasons I made this movie. So I take care of it.

I tried something quite sophisticated for the editing. Then I cleared it. It is very simple by now.

Editing is a very meticulous activity, so calm, so quiet, like the building of a house of cards. But this is a real buzz though.


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