A working session with Natal

We often meet with Natal to take bearings.

She has already receives many, many different versions of the script.

She carefully keeps up with the progress step after step. She surprisingly even remember sometimes a detail of a previous version.

She is not intrusive. She lets me do things in my way.

And sometmes, she points out something which doesn't seem clear or precise enough. Or she raises a question about something I knew I should work harder on.

She gives no clue. She doesn't interfere. She just underlines in a really gentle and relevant way.

She doesn't express what she prefers. It's up to me to guess so far: no too much theory, no unnecessary provocation, no unnecessary delicacy either... that kind of things.

There are things she is the only one to know, some anecdotes, some secrets ... There are also things that even she doesn't know.

We meet quiet often. In the beginning we tried a new café each time. We landed in more than a dozen. Than we get accustomed to sitting outside one café with trees all around.

Throughout our meetings, she speaks and listens without any notes, no paper, nothing. It looks like she came without preparing anything.

She does not rush me.

I talk a lot. I happen to think I talk too much. I don't let her enough room.

I often ask het to be more specific.

At the end of a meeting, I often say: "something else?" And this is at this very precise moment that every time she takes out a pile of papers covered with her notes. She glances through it to check if she hasn't forgotten something: "We saw that ... we did it ... ah yes, this!..."

For a long time, more than a year, we don't speak about something else than our project or cinema. We have no idea of who we are, what we live, how we deal with stuff.

And litlle by little, we drop some anecdotes. We get more confomrtable. At one moment, she is talking about her and suddenly stops: "You never get personal, don't you? I smile.

We get to know each other.