Dinner at Sébastien Meunier's

I am invited to dinner at Sebastian. I do not know him. I know he has a delirious imagination and can be deliciously provocative.

I arrive. I talk about the project. I don't need to say much about it that he's already up. I smiled.

He shows me photos and videos of his collections. He is intimidated a bit, very slightly nervous. He get confused with the technical support, presses every single button on his computer, everything disappears. Frozen screen. He presses all other buttons: it works.

I watch. I'm not helpful: I don't say anything. Not a word. I am very curious and very amused by the tricks that I see though. I realize that I'm silent for a while, I finally force myself to say something, I do not know what: "cool" or "I love it" or ... whatever ... Something encouraging. I notice a trench-coat on which is flocked the definition of the word "exhibitionist". I want for my film.

Let's eat something now. The cook is very simple and delicate : fresh pasta with parmesan cheese, a trickle of olive oil and salad. Sébastien changes his outfit at each dish. He plays like a mischievous and slightly perverse child. It amuses me. He is a little worried by my amusement. He did not know if I'm just indifferent. But no, I like him for sure. Everything is fine.

A guest talk about my project: "Yes, because in this film by Catherine Breillat, it turns out the actress is very uncomfortable..." I say "Yes, that's what interests me, shooting this embarrassment... I don't want us to act as if everything was fine, if it's not..." His look seem thoughtful...

We keep talking for a while. The evening is ending....

They make something so delicious, Sebastian and his circle, something "huysmansian". They know perfectly the rules of etiquette, good taste, refinement, sophistication, but they don't respect them, they are respected by them.