Interview of Marcel Schlutt on the fim set of Unfaithful

Do you want to be faithful to Unfaithful?


Portrait : Natal Haziza

Natal Haziza works as a producer within Hystérie prod and produced many films, like One night stand by Emile Jouvet.
She directed several short movies and a documentary: Biliga.

She is unit production manager on Unfaithful.



Portrait : Marcel Schlutt

Marcel Schlutt was born in Demmin, East Germany.

He is an actor, model and photograph.

After he has worked as a professional model in London, and as a pornstar for Cazzo Film productions, he played the leading role in Jörg Andreas' film Locked Up (Gefangen), which became an international DVD success. In 2007, he played a main part in Bruce LaBruce's Movie "Otto or up with dead people".

He is casted against type by Claude Pérès to star as himself in Unfaithful.



Portrait : Claude Pérès

Claude Pérès refuses to give any biographic information, thinking what ought to be known is in his work.

To the question:"What do you do for a living?" He would answer: "Those bio notes always look like item specifics, so... well I don't vacuum, I don't light up, there is no button to press and I'm not for sale."

He directed several short movies and wrote several books. He's conducting a disconcerting philosophic research.

He wrote, photographed, directed, edited and produced "Unfaithful".

caractère (sale et propre) (in french)



A director wants to make a movie about desire.

He asks an actor to spend the night with him alone, in his apartment until sunrise.

They delay the moment until they finally try... They kiss... They undress...

Until they stop.... It isn't working.

What do they do instead? and do they give up?



first cut

I did not begin to edit yet.

I'm taking a break.

I'm also scared to be disapointed.

I watched the rushes though. I loved them. Except when I saw me. I laughed at loud, because I thought I looked like a clown.

I have appetite for many things.

Try to see how I am going to move things forward. Try to construct and to deconstruct others. Start a little before, let it go a little after... Let the making of the film apparent rather than focus on something finished. Rather show the organization than the one who is organizing or the thing which is organized.

So, I'm impatient to try many things. We'll see.

I wait a little.



I make nightmares in which I am filming Marcel reading the script, as The Truck by Duras, but in a bulb, as this piece by Rubén Ramos Balsa :

I wake up. I love it but I think: "Did I really film that? What am I going to do with that stuff, it doesn't match with anything... oups..."




Tidy up

We cleared off today.
We gave a lick of paint, gave back the keys.
It's the 8th day.
It's over.



Last day of shooting

We ended today. I'm sad this is over. I will tell you about the shooting soon. I took some notes. You'll see.


1st day of shooting

We start the shooting today. We are both anxious. We have pretty different ways to deal with it : he overacts and I underact.

We have a lot of work before us.



D-Day minus one

We pick up the keys of the apartment. We besieged the place. We put it in order, pushed furniture and invaded with our stuff.

I did some tests. Some things worked as I planned, some others differently and others not at all. Some things I didn't planned worked also...

I have a really specific plan in mind but I will follow my intuition. I will go where I can feel there's pleasure to seize, where my body feels there's something to delve into.

I feel ready. I think I got everything in mind. I'm pretty confident. I have stage fright. We'll see.

I wish I could spend a good night. My body, muscles and skin are exhausted, but I feel I will not be able to sleep ;-)