Portrait: Eric Pougeau

Born in 1968, Eric Pougeau is a contemporary artist living and working in Paris.

Former guitarist in the parisian cult band of noise music Flaming Demonics, he is used to question the childhood, the moral, the death with a radical cheeck.

Childish handwriting, marbl slabs, funeral sprays, spray of urine...

His work is published in the book Fils de pute (Motherfucker), FLTMSTPC.

He conceived the piece "enculé" ("asshole") in the film Unfaithful.



Slut Sharon Tate said...

"asshole" is such an issue: both this intense urge to get, at least, ever since the time I did it, a cock in the ass, and this radical and metaphysical problem, my wanting not to look like all this fucking assoles

Djam'L HabAlSultan said...

I have to add something about Eric Pougeau : the urine spray is like a perfume and it's tittled 'for mum'.
What a delicious provocative artwork !
Thanks Eric !