Secret trivia

  • The nude scene on the bed is a reference to "Flesh" by Paul Morrissey and "Sleep" by Andy Warhol.

  • The "asshole" ("enculé") funeral slab is a piece by Eric Pougeau.

  • The clothes worn or not by Marcel Schlutt and Claude Pérès outline the balance in their relationship: Marcel is naked while Claude is dressed, then Marcel wears a tee-shirt while Claude wears jeans, etc...

  • The vanitas scattered throughout the apartment is a piece by Claude Pérès called "tools".

  • In the script, the characters are named A and B.

  • The "doggy-style" scene is a reference to the first scene of "Law of Desire" by Pedro Almodovar.

  • More than 17 versions of the script were written. Then they ended up working with no script at all.

  • During the couch scene, the battery of the on-camera light ran down by accident. Claude decided to go on, recalling his first idea to shoot this scene in the dark.

  • The bottle of water throughout the film represents the appetite or the thirst as a reference to the vase of Lacan's desire.

  • Claude couldn't break the bottle ; the pieces on the floor came from several glasses, broken with a hammer.

  • The plan of the film is put up on the wall of the bedroom.

  • The three books on the chimney : "No More" by Marguerite Duras, "Oedipus at Colonus" by Sophocle and "Hamlet" by Shakespeare.

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